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The new AMHB DVD

In Kennels DVD coverIntroducing the new AMHB DVD
…Seven modules celebrating skills in Harrier and Beagle Kennels
…Seven stories that glimpse life ‘In Kennels’
£13.99 (inc P&P) - Overseas orders:£15.00 each. …

Leave your kennel coat on the peg and your boots by the door; this is a kennels tour you can make from your armchair. You'll experience the icy yards of winter and the summer heat of the puppy show; you'll be there in the small hours as a bitch whelps and up at dawn to exercise hounds. With this DVD you share the lives of three professional huntsmen.

Packs by Map

This map will help you find the details of packs of harriers and beagles registered with the AMHB in England, Wales and overseas. The  pins indicate,  approximately, the centre of the area hunted by the pack. The pins do not indicate the location of hunt kennels. The green pins indicate harrier packs and the yellow pins beagle packs. Click on the pin and you can find out more about the pack and how to contact the Hunt Secretary. Alternatively use the links from the list of packs by region.

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