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The new AMHB DVD

In Kennels DVD coverIntroducing the new AMHB DVD
…Seven modules celebrating skills in Harrier and Beagle Kennels
…Seven stories that glimpse life ‘In Kennels’
£13.99 (inc P&P) - Overseas orders:£15.00 each. …

Leave your kennel coat on the peg and your boots by the door; this is a kennels tour you can make from your armchair. You'll experience the icy yards of winter and the summer heat of the puppy show; you'll be there in the small hours as a bitch whelps and up at dawn to exercise hounds. With this DVD you share the lives of three professional huntsmen.

Welcome to the AMHB

The Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles (AMHB) represent 22 packs of Harriers and 62 packs of Beagles that hunt in the UK and 4 packs of beagles that hunt overseas.

This website will help you find out more about your local hunt and the hunting activities undertaken, where these happen, and how you can take part. It also includes information about hare huting pre the Hunting Act 2004 and the work we do in conserving the Brown Hare.

There are links to other important sites regarding hare hunting, the current laws, animal welfare, the countryside and the present political situation.

Currently, one of the main aims of the association is to secure repeal of the Hunting Act 2004.

Members of the association can access news, association circulars and notices, past newsletters, rules of the association, events calendar and hound show results.

The AMHB is the second largest member of the Council of Hunting Associations.